Review Guidelines

BuyerScore Feedback Guidelines

Any feedback submissions, are those of the individual reviewer and are their own opinion and not the opinions of BuyerScore. We do not endorse any entity listed or reviewed on this Site (or our partner sites).

We reserve the right to remove any feedback in accordance with our Terms of Use, including if that feedback fails to meet the guidelines within. In addition we reserve the right to ban the author of such feedback from providing future feedback if they fail to comply with these guidelines or our Terms of Use.

Any feedback provided must:
  1. be about an experience that occurred within the last 60 days.
  2. be relevant to BuyerScore and our Site users
    1. there is no reason to provide feedback that insults anyone or attacks a dealer, workshop or customer or any other provider of feedback on this Site. However, this is not meant to restrict your right to comment on or describe your experience.
    2. this is a Site regarding vehicle dealer and workshop reviews and feedback and as such content related to other matters like religion, politics, ethics etc are not relevant.
  3. be original and not a duplicate. Only one review per experience is permitted.
  4. be free from any web links, ads, solicitations or offers to any other person or persons.
  5. be in written form and at least 10 words.
  6. be posted by the person or an immediate family member, that actually purchased from the dealership being reviewed or interacted with the workshop being reviewed.
  7. be about a service or purchasing experience at a dealership or workshop.
    1. not be submitted whilst on site at the dealership or workshop being reviewed.
  8. be about a service or experience at a dealership or workshop by an author who is not affiliated with any vehicle dealership, vehicle manufacturer or vehicle workshop whatsoever, nor the spouse or immediate family member of any of the above
  9. be free of any attempt to obtain money or other reward from a dealer or workshop for such feedback.
  10. be free of any inappropriate content including:
    1. profanity
    2. obscenities
    3. racial and ethnic references
    4. physical threats or violence directed to any group or individual
    5. Any reference to criminal, illegal or unethical activity or content intended to defraud a group or individual.
  11. be public. Do not provide any feedback you intend to remain private.

Any help, concerns, issues or other content intended for BuyerScore or its staff, should be direct to us via our contact page.

BuyerScore also reserves the right to remove any feedback for any reason at any time. Whilst it is not our intention to remove any feedback, we do reserve this right in an effort to create an environment and service, that encourage others to provide quality feedback and to be helpful to our Site viewers.

These guidelines were last updated on 1st October 2019.