Independent Ratings & Reviews

BuyerScore is an independent rating and review collection service for vehicle dealers in New Zealand. We help dealerships collect genuine feedback from verified customers and then display that feedback online for others to see, all in an effort to help you buy your next car better.

We’re about empowering consumers with a voice and passing that feedback on to dealerships, so we can all benefit from better customer service.

We trust consumers

We genuinely believe consumers tell the truth about what matters most to them

We empower communities

We believe in sharing experiences (good or bad), so everyone can buy better

We value genuine feedback

We only gather feedback from verified buyers that have actually purchased

We help dealerships do better

Your feedback tell dealers what is important to consumers when buying cars

Help change the way kiwis buy cars

Your thoughts and impressions are extremely valuable. By simply sharing your most recent vehicle buying experience, you can help thousands of others make better decisions when they next purchase, as well as improve the customer service we all receive.

Exchange ideas

Share your thoughts about your latest vehicle purchase and help others understand the benefits of that vehicle, as well as how it’s living up to your initial expectations

Improve Customer Service

Provide valuable feedback (compliments and/or complaints) to the dealership you purchased from, allowing them to continually improve the service they provide

The Value of Online Reviews

People trust reviews more than ever, with 84% saying in a recent survey1, they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. As thousands of kiwis go online each month to research their next vehicle purchase, what you have to say about your recent purchase, really can help and influence what others might buy.

Conversely, when you’re looking to purchase your next vehicle, we expect that other people’s feedback we’ve gathered over time, will help you also make a better informed decision.

And so the circle may continue!