Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my own review/feedback?

To ensure authenticity of our BuyerScore reviews, only verified customers who have purchased a vehicle are able to place a review. This assures us and those that rely on our reviews, that each review is from a genuine and verified source. Our dealerships advise us when a sale has occurred and we then contact the purchaser on their behalf to ask for their feedback.

If you have not received a request to review your dealership after a recent purchase and wish to do so, please advise us using this form and we will tell that dealership for you.

Can I change/remove my review/feedback after I submit it?

Generally no, but occasionally you may be contacted by us to re-rate a dealership. This can occur for example, if the dealership has rectified an issue you previously identified.

If for any other reason you want to change/remove your review please contact us using this form.

What do you do with the information you collect during the feedback process?

Once we receive information from you it gets stored in our database. Your review may then be displayed publicly on, but not limited to, the BuyerScore website, a dealerships website and/or our partner websites (or other media).

When we display your review, we will display your first name and the initial of your surname alongside it. We will not display your email address or any other private information you may have provided. We do however reserve the right to disclose this information, if we feel it is necessary to protect our business or to satisfy any law or regulatory request.

If you opt to give feedback about the dealership anonymously, we will not display any identifying information alongside your review about that dealership.

Will the dealership know who I am when I submit feedback?

No. Unless you indicate as part of your feedback that you wish to identify yourself to the dealership, your feedback about the dealership will be supplied to them without any reference to you personally (ie anonymously). This includes them being given your email address.

Does BuyerScore censor reviews?

Generally, no. We do however reserve the right to edit or remove a review, if the review was not submitted in accordance with our Terms & Conditions or Review Guidelines.

How can I contact BuyerScore?

To contact us please use this form.